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SEARCH Website Review & Ratings + Coupons is a bodybuilding supplement supply company which sells anabolic (muscle building) and thermogenic (fat burning) products. Such products are not steroids, or off market steroids and although they do enhance muscle size, definition and maximize hormone levels, they are not pro-hormones, themselves. Some of the mass building products include: Sterodrol, Maxstrerone and Maxitest. Some of the fat burners/muscle definition enhancers include:  Furostan and Lipopro. Sterodrol is labeled as the most powerful steroid alternative without being a steroid based compound itself. Lipopro is a potent thermogenic aid to help bodybuilders shed those extra pounds in the form of adipose tissue which is excess fat stored on the body, especially in the midsection. Maxitest is a specific booster of the male hormone testosterone  without itself being a hormone derivative, and is thus legal and acceptable to use in bodybuilding competitions. What makes it different?

PharmaPro offers an interactive blog on its website, military friendly promotions and a more straightforward/honest marketing technique regarding the description of its products. In addition, offers a full, 100% money back guarantee on all products, even if a whole bottle has been used, if the customer is not completely satisfied. PharmaPro is very clear that what they are selling is not legal steroids or off label pro-hormones, and that although the products can increase natural hormones levels, the supplements offered are not themselves derivatives of hormones. PharmaPro takes on a very ethical and honest approach to the marketing of it products. By marketing products that can be used by competitive bodybuilders, without fears of steroids or pro-hormones showing up in a pre-competition drug test, these products can be used with confidence. Other companies may be selling products that either do not work as advertised or that show up as a pro-hormone in a drug screening. vs. primary competitors (sites similar to

Metrx and Muscle Tech are two primary competitors to PharmaPro, being both companies are larger and have been around longer than PharmaPro. Metrx does offer more product line variety as does MuscleTech, and both companies use famous bodybuilders and athletes to market their products, with larger advertising budgets. However, PharmaPro offers more testimonials from everyday people, amatuer bodybuilders and less famous professional bodybuilders than either Metrx or Muscle Tech. Also PharmaPro is more specialized in the capsule market than Metrx, but not Muscle Tech. Muscle Tech on the other hand makes claims that only seem likely from actual pro-hormone and steroid based, greay area supplements. Some Muscle Tech products may show up as illegal hormone or steroid based compound in the competitive bodybuilding arena, but may not be more effective than PharmaPro products. Metrx offers more protein powder and bar varities in terms of: flavors, product usage and protein combinations. However, PharmaPro offers a more marketable arginine based product, like, Arginine AKG, that may dilate blood vessels and lead to more efficient transport of key nutrients. Pricing & packages

PharmoPro offers power stack combinations where a comsumer can save big like in its: hardcore stack where Maxsterone, Sterodrol, Furostan, and Liv-R Clear are all included for just $199.95. Normally sold individually Maxsterone, Sterdrol and Furostan are $79.95 each and Liv-R Clear is $39.95 which totals $279.08. The test stack includes Sterodrol, Furostan and Maxitest for $154.85 in total for all three products. The megastack includes Sterodrol, Arginine AKG, Creapure, BCAA Complex, (branched chain amino acids) and Maxitest for $159.75. The essential stack includes Arginine AKG, BCAA Complex and Creapure for $49.85. PharmoPro also offers a 10% discount on any purchase when they are liked on Facebook, and also provides a buy two products and get one free deal as well. For any order above $150.00 free shipping is also offered, along with military friendly savings, where 10% off the order's total cost is taken off and shipping is also free. Product images & screenshots Coupons
Get 10% Off with Minimum Order of $49 plus Free Shipping for Military Personnel Only @
Get 10% Off @ Customer reviews & comments

Customer feedback is very favorable and numerous. Some of the testimonials include: large muscle based weight gain, massive strength increases and more muscle definition. For example one user of PharmoPro products discusses how he increased his one rep maximum in bench pressing, squats and deadlifting by over 100 pounds. His bench went from 225 pounds to 345 pounds, his 250 pound squats to 385 pounds and a 205 pound deadlift to 380 pounds. This was accomplished using Sterodrol on an eight week cycle and working out. Another testimonial claims that Sterodrol gets a perfect score of 10 out of 10 with amazing muscle pumps and muscle gains. He states that his bench press went up from 335 pounds to 405 pounds. One competitive bodybuilder used Maxsterone with great results, and especially because the product is not a steroid or a pro-hormone, so it would not show up as an illegal substance in drug tests. The products sold  by PharmaPro are for healthy adults aged 18 or older.

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Get 10% Off with Minimum Order of $49 plus Free Shipping for Military Personnel Only @
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